Romance – Subtle or Hot?

So, today I want to broach the topic of love – and sex – in fiction.

Writers, when crafting a non-romance fiction story involving a romance subplot, do you prefer to describe the romantic developments explicitly? Why or why not? And readers – do you prefer your romance to be explicit, subtle or non-existent?

Personally, in large contrast to a wealth of fan fiction that I’ve only recently fessed up to, my original fiction tends to include romance only as a subplot and definitely not explicitly. In short, while I have written endless erotic (but still with plot, I promise) fan fiction, my original content seems to have other priorities.

Everyone – What works or doesn’t work for you when it comes to love and sex in fiction?

One thought on “Romance – Subtle or Hot?

  1. In both reading & writing, I like my romance to be subtle, but not so subtle it doesn’t give me “all the feels”. I like to read (& write about) the emotion rather than the physical act, as I find it more satisfying to know how a character feels than to know what they’re doing.


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