Techno Thriller – INTO THE VALLEY

GET OUT meets the technology industry

With her mother wrongly arrested for a drug bust, Kara leaves her home in the impoverished East Side for a job in the Valley to pay bail – only to discover that the alleged high-tech utopia boasts a gritty underbelly.

Science Fiction – APEX FIVE

Intent on eradicating religion in the name of scientific advancement and expanding out from their home planet, far-future humanity faces an unfathomable threat from the void beyond.

Meanwhile, Rohem, a solar-powered human originally used as a weapon against the dominant nation of Tabira, embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will reveal the secret behind humanity’s sudden forward leap in technology, as well as the danger of unchecked expansion.

-Winner of an American Fiction Award
-Winner of a CYGNUS Book Award for Science Fiction
-Winner of a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award