Cyber Security

Some have deemed me a whistleblower for coming out with the content moderator experience at Facebook, following foreign hackers using the platform to meddle in US presidential elections. I prefer to think of my sharing as a way to shed light on the dire importance of security in tech – and, above all, the need to always ask questions about what’s going on behind the lines.

Eventually serving as the primary inspiration for Apex Five‘s theme of prioritizing political skirmishes only to lose sight of larger issues posed by advancing technology, the sometimes grisly underbelly of social media has finally surfaced to the public eye. In addition to industry cyber security contribution that earned a nomination for Security Champion of the Year Women in IT Award, I continue to bring to light the issue of social media security with ongoing interviews.

Talks with BBC
In conversation with Business Insider
Taking the story with CBC
Stories with NBC
Keeping it real with Wall Street Journal

For anyone interested in helping to fight the battle for cyber security, consider signing on with #SecuringSecurity to petition Facebook and other social media giants to hire on content moderators full-time with employee benefits! #SecuringSecurity envisions job security for user security!

Finally, to check out work by a multitude of IT security professionals, including myself, start here with Cyber Defense Magazine!