Setting a Routine

As finals draw closer for those in school and end-of-quarter deadlines approach for many of us with office jobs, I’d like to take a moment to bring up the importance of routine.

Unlike the revered story structure in fiction or a refined thesis in academia, the necessity of routine lies in our need as people to balance all we have to do – with all we want to do. So I want to know how you strike this balance. For athletes, fellow creatives and others with significant passions and obligations aside from work, what does your routine entail? Which activities aside from work do you make sure to include weekly?

My daily routine consists of cyber security and writing, sure…but I also make sure to include at least 15 minutes outside in the fresh air. This can be biking, walking, continuing to fraternize with the neighborhood cat my fiancĂ© and I are currently wooing or sometimes even heading to the local amphitheater for a kayaking session (easiest on weekends).

Personally, I’ve found the fresh air and sunlight helps to improve the mood and many times enhances creativity. What downtime aspect most works for you during that daily or even weekly routine?

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