The Beauty of the Trope

Kicking off with an anniversary-style post as an ode to the year’s mark since starting my blog with thoughts on “The Flash”, I’m going to focus today on Disney’s “The Mandalorian”…

And all the delicious tropes it brings to science fantasy! Mysterious masked warriors, a reluctant “single dad”, bad-a$$ females, plus all the stuff the fanboys/girls have always loved about Star Wars in Storm Troopers, Baby! Yoda, and those tall robot guys whose name I am currently too lazy to search the name of…

I really dig the anonymity of the Mandalorian…I think it has to be my favorite trope, both on the level of fictional intrigue and guilty pleasure. It’d be just as appealing if it were a female under there, not gonna lie.

Personally, what I appreciate about using tropes in fiction is the potential for a new spin on favorite tropes – such as, say, accidentally getting a human hooked on a supernatural substance…only instead of vampire blood or your run-of-the-mill booze, it’s solar energy (as in Apex Five).

That said, I want to hear about your favorite tropes! Which do you love including in your own writing and, if you only read/watch, which tropes do you find yourself fond of in others’ fiction?

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