Creativity: The Healthiest Drug

If someone asks a painter why they paint, what might be the response? For the sake of creating art, escapism, the appreciation of viewers…all completely valid reasons!

As creators, we seek to bring about that which doesn’t yet exist in the world as we know it. For some, that means the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal. For others, the Mona Lisa. For others still, a porcelain toilet bowl.

Take writers, for instance. Rather than create imagery for others to absorb and enjoy, we create the words that then evokes imagery for readers. The beauty of presenting the same stories to masses of viewers lies in the opportunity to construct wildly different perceptions of those same settings and characters. Let’s be honest – a librarian might not view a dark wizard character the same way a lawyer might picture that same dark wizard, either in terms of appearance or motivations.

So what is it about creating these worlds and characters for others that makes so many authors invest a plethora of time (and often money) into drawing in more and more readers? Quite simply, it’s the praise – that avid enthusiasm over the struggles our fictional characters undergo. By providing compelling and relatable characters, writers can share in the excitement over our created universes. And believe it or not, that feeling of appreciation for making a reader’s life just that much more interesting results from a release of dopamine, the natural brain chemical triggered by the likes of cocaine.

So next time that hankering for booze or other such morsels comes around, try putting out a piece of writing for others to see. If you haven’t yet found the motivation to try original writing, give fanfiction a try. Contributing to an established fandom will usually draw attention from fellow fans looking to get their fix, making it hard to go wrong if it’s praise you’re looking for.

Now I want to hear from you! All you writers, do you crave that euphoria that comes with praise for and excitement over your writing? For those of you who haven’t tried writing, might you consider giving it a try to see the response?

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