Creativity, Day Job or Both?

Ever find an activity you absolutely can’t go without indulging in, but don’t know how family or friends might react?

In my case, writing (and art in general) has remained a ‘hobby’ in the eyes of my family, all of whom work in the IT and education arenas. The often-heard question: “Can you ever really make a living off that?” as well as the statement: “That’s a nice hobby” have become commonplace from family, friends and coworkers alike.

Now while there are plenty of authors, musicians and other artists who do make a living off their work, it’s perfectly fine to indulge in your creativity with abandon while keeping it as a secondary gig, so long as you leave “business hours” for your day job to pay the bills. As a cyber security engineer who both loves my day job and role as an author, I lucked out – and yet, I wouldn’t be honest if I said I wouldn’t rather be a full-time author. The call to create art is real, and it should never be ignored.

I want to hear from you – how many of you write or create another type of art full-time and those who have a day job, what is it and would you choose to swap it out for your art, if given the chance?

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