Setting the Muse(ic)

With this past week’s madness of the Lunar Eclipse, Facebook being down and all the usual writer madness, I’ve decided to take a break from the rigid themes to ask a frank question: When you feel overwhelmed or otherwise unable to concentrate, what muse do you use?

I ask because, amidst all of my cyber security and writers’ forums, a dilemma I encounter often from fellow authors and STEM professionals is a lack of ambition due to stress. So I am curious – does music work for anyone else? Personally, when I find myself overwhelmed with projects and deadlines for either craft, taking a break to listen to music often gets me back in the creative and ambitious mindset. It’s the natural dopamine, no doubt. For me, the kicker is – and I kid you not – Bollywood songs. Another favorite are epic soundtracks.

So for those of you who do use music to set the creative and/or diligent mood, what kind of melodies do you all prefer?

2 thoughts on “Setting the Muse(ic)

  1. Great post! The Bollywood music is really interesting, and I’ll have to check it out. I’ve found that music typically helps to motivate me to do physical things. For example, pop or popular tracks usually get me up and about, motivating me to clean or organize or get ready for the day or exercise. When it comes to writing, I usually turn off the music right before, and create in the quiet after my recharge. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I wrote a blog post about my inspiration for writing a little while ago and talked about how I use music! I like to listen to whatever emotion a scene holds e.g. a sad song for a sad scene or if my protagonist is upset so I get in that frame of mind. Or a song about nature as my novel is set outdoors. It helps me imagine myself in that position so it’s easier to write!

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