Showcase your Flash Fiction!

Happy Thursday, all!

Coming at you today with Sci-Fi flash fiction. I’ve written a few drabbles, this being my proudest so far. Please link and/or post yours in the comments, and I will share them in next week’s post! 🙂

Tip: Remember, even if your piece is only 100 words long, make sure to include a distinctive beginning, middle and end. Other than that, go wild!

The Great Screen

Hiro couldn’t stand it. Every day, the same routine of work, eat and sleep gnawed at his core like a termite. So one day, he lay down, refusing to work.

Though he eventually starved, news of his acquiescence spread throughout his country. Hiro’s fellow humans followed suit across the globe until soon, the entire species rejected the daily grind.

Without such toil, the collective energy – generated from human labor that had for eons fueled the great screen obscuring the viewing capacity of even the most powerful telescopes – dissipated.

Suddenly revealed, the entities beyond abandoned their observation of Earth.

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