As a member of the writing community on social media, I see a lot of poetry. Unlike prose, poetry seems known for its subjectivity or abstract nature – namely, the belief that any poetry can be “good” and that it’s all relative. Somehow, despite how I might scoff at this notion for prose, I find it works in the case of poetry. Why?

Because while prose aims to entertain, poetry’s intention remains to express the emotions of the poet. Now, don’t get me wrong, prose can also provide an emotional outlet – though, I find poetry can often exist as its own island, acting as an isolated haven for the creator’s turbulent feelings. It doesn’t even have to rhyme!

How about you all, anyone have any recent poetry to share? I’ll share my latest (first in about two decades) below, inspired by the high-stress work atmosphere of the Silicon Valley:

Working those long hours just to eat,
Toiling away to afford that roof over your head.

Amidst it all, the sore appears, marring the flesh,
Another threatened layoff, no time for family or friends.

The sore festers, opening to reveal metal,
First sign of the bot you’ve become.

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