Comic Con, Anyone?

Greetings, faithful followers! How are we feeling today?

Serious question: Who’s attending Silicon Valley Comic Con this weekend? The event is sponsored by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple! If you plan to make an appearance, will you be an attendee or an exhibitor? I’ll be there exhibiting Apex Five, with a tiny preview of the sequel, Eon One. I would love to see any of you come by Boot 336 for a book signing!

Even if you can’t make this con, feel free to drop a vote before the 18 August deadline on page 13/16 at this link. It’s completely free/no need to register – All you have to do is click on the Apex Five cover image!

I would be forever humbled. For those of you who simply want to check out the book for the first time, I’ll just let the book cover above speak for itself…

As always, you are all awesome!

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