Hello Darkness, my Old Friend

…All right, so I’m not actually despairing, as that famous Simon & Garfunkel lyric might seem to convey. But I do want to touch today on the topic of loneliness.

Of course, this need not mean the solitude that comes from having no one close to you – though, that is surely challenging. I’m thinking more of how the uniqueness of being a writer may have isolated you from coworkers, friends or even family. Are you in a position or even a location where you don’t find yourself surrounded by many fellow creatives?

Despite my fiancĂ©’s unyielding support and family’s occasional genuine interest, I can attest to living in the Silicon Valley, a region of more technological inventions than artistic imagination. And while that’s okay, because thinking outside the box also comes into play for cyber security…sometimes, I feel like the odd one out. All right, maybe more often than sometimes.

Readers and fellow writers, do you ever feel out of place where you live due to your passions? If so, how do you like to cope?

Image: Property of Sean Fogler

2 thoughts on “Hello Darkness, my Old Friend

  1. I can sympathize. My hubby is supportive but doesn’t share the need to be creative. I join Facebook groups and Twitter for the support of other writers.


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