Ziggurat Awards – Recognizing Sci-Fi about and from the Middle East

Greetings, faithful readers! Are we feeling excited after the Hugo Awards announcements?

Pivoting from the topic of the globe’s most prestigious science fiction awards, I’ve a proposal – who would be interested in providing an opportunity for creatives in a traditionally underrepresented region regarding science fiction? Moreover, by providing both Middle Eastern authors as well as those whose stories take place in the Middle East, the Ziggurat Award stands to boost the genre in/set in this area of the world as well as promote writers’ work.

To maintain an economically friendly atmosphere, this award contest would be free to enter. Upon creation of a Middle East Science Fiction Writers’ Association (MESFWA), members of this group will nominate any and all science fiction novels taking place in the Middle East or sporting Middle Eastern themes.

Finally, on the symbolism aspect – after ruminating about several different well-known symbols associated with the Middle East (e.g. Sphinx, Ankh, Chamsa, Pyramid, etc.), the Ziggurat’s identity as a Mesopotamian structure originally constructed by a now extinct civilization seemed the most appropriate in terms of ensuring non-bias toward any still existing culture in the region.

So, who would like to join MESFA and begin nominating your favorite Sci-Fi books set in the Middle East and written by Middle Eastern authors?

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