Rejection – sometimes, it’s actually not you

As both an author and IT professional, I have had my fair share of rejected query letters and job applications. And sure, at the time, they stung. Then I realized something…

Barring those instances when you receive a detailed rejection email or phone call detailing down to the last nugget why exactly your work/experience isn’t up to par, the vast majority of rejections are impersonal, often automated emails. Something I have noticed, however, after working with a recruiter a while ago (and thereby gaining more insight into the hiring process than is usually available), is that sometimes a company will simply scrap or re-work the position, rendering your candidacy null, – at no fault of your own.

This situation can similarly apply to rejections from literary agents in the publishing world. Oftentimes, when they reject you (even after you’ve researched to ensure they are even seeking your genre), they are simply full. So why might you still receive the “You’re not right right fit for me at this time” email? Well, the truth is agents are human too and sometimes don’t update their client search status. Or perhaps you submitted a project that you believes qualifies as YA according to the ages of the main characters – yet the agent felt certain elements of the story are too Adult for the readership they are looking to target with clients.

As long as your manuscript and resume are polished and beta read, the issue is never your work or experience not being sufficient. You’re going to be just fine. đŸ™‚

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