Birthday Blog

That’s right – it’s my birthday, and that somehow seemed like the most appropriate title.

Another year older and the day on which I tend to remind myself most that while time is real, age is simply a construct. Especially in high-paced areas like the Silicon Valley, New York and other such metropolitan powerhouses, it may seem as if the feeling of falling behind or running out of time is never far away. Even following two degrees, two books and a pivot into cybersecurity, I often find myself feeling like an under-achiever.

You know what? The very concept of accomplishment is all relative – from culture to culture and, most importantly, from one individual to another. Trust me, if you feel that envy that someone else has accomplished more than you by a certain age despite all of your drive – I can guarantee that there are things you have achieved they haven’t. As long as you have that drive, that’s all that matters.

I go beyond my own arenas of writing and cyber security when I say that as long as you have that passionate drive, you’re on the right path. You can only go up from here.

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