New Horizons

As writers – and often just as artists – we have our preferred genres and mediums, respectively. Today, I want to hear about a new genre or creative medium you’ve either tackled or want to tackle in the near future!

For me, that medium would be screenwriting. Having only dabbled in screenwriting once at the age of 6 in the form of a 10-page screenplay about a giant carnivorous plant, I finally decided to try my hand at writing a script again. Two decades later, the passion has returned and I’ve entered my short Sci-Fi script, “Rationale”, into various competitions. So far, I am fortunate enough to have had the project accepted into the Other Worlds Austin Sci-Fi Screenwriters Competition – so you really never know!

Anyway, this project is sort of “Black Mirror” meets “Flatliners”, a story following a neurosurgery resident at MIT who discovers a device that, while providing the wearer perfect surgical precision, also renders the user devoid of all empathy.

What about you all? Any screenwriters out there? If not, any new mediums for your writing or other art you plan to embrace?

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